Specializes in manufacturing molds

We have a wide range of high performance equipments such as high speed machinings, EDM, wire machines etc

Our productive equipments such as 5-axis machines, high speed machinings, EDM, Wire machines, CMM etc

Hyper MILL is CAD/CAM software for simultaneous 5 axis machine

Excellent operators and
programming staff

Work closely together to bring out the benefits of 5-axis machining

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About us

We have a wide range of high performance equipments such as high speed machinings, EDM, wire machines etc. Especially, a simultaneous 5 axis processing machine is our main force. We have promptly advanced on machining technologies that are high-speed, accurate of multi axis etc, and we work with various precision molds such as die-casting for automobiles. Our advantage is the machining for a complex 3D shape, and we have achieved high value of level of performance. Moreover, we respond to customer’s requirement for trial parts or a single item manufacturing such as automobile parts and aircraft parts, etc.

Why Choose Us?

we are proud of our facilities, like our high-speed machining centers, EDMs, wire-cutting machines, CMMs and 3D CAM etc with its machine operators, and our engineers.

5-axis machining possibility

The colaboration of simultaneous 5 axis machining and polihedral working caliculator accomplished improving accuracy by decreasing of time for changing an arrangement and reducing of cutting loads.


High-speed machining center

We have established systems capable of in-house manufacturing processes including highly accurate products with fast delivery by transforming the path from 3D-CAD/CAM to a high-speed machining center equipped with a server device, making full use of a automatic tool laser control and ATC (auto tool changer).

Wire-cut EDM

Wire EDM uses an energized wire electrode in a submerged bath of dielectric fluid to machine conductive metals, and offers an efficient manufacturing method to produce part geometry details that are difficult to machine by other methods.

Die-sinker EDM

The control and accuracy of the EDM machine provides a low cost solution for creating complex three-dimensional shapes in the mold processing of small electronic components that require extremely high surface roughness.


The three-dimensional measuring machine is the device which can measure a three-dimensional complicated shape precisely as well as length, the side, height. By the use of the three-dimensional measuring machine of high precision, the precision up of the product and the reliability up by this that is re-van quality is kept.


We have been introducing the most advanced CAD/CAM to achieve high speed machining processes. We prioritize being able to meet customer's needs by effective usage of 3D model and accomplish higher speed and more accuracy as our motto.

We have taken the advancement of the machining technologies such as high-speed, high-precision, and a multi axis as soon as possible, and we accept the various precise mold parts on the range of a small sized fine precision item to a medium sized critical item, including the die casting metal mold commencing with automobile parts.


▪ Material:A2017
▪ size:80*80*150
▪ machiningl:5 axis control machining center
▪ machine:DMU-80P(DMG)

>▪ Material:graphite electrodes
▪ size:190*110*140
▪ machiningl:Graphite electrode processing
▪ machine:V56iGraphite Machining Centers(MAKINO)

▪ Material:DAC-MAGIC
▪ size:160*70*140
▪ machiningl:5 axis control machining center
▪ machine:DMU-80P(DMG)

Our strong point is precision and fine machining on manufacturing metal molds on size range of 300 to 900 millimeter square. Using a simultaneous 5 axis machining center, we can accept complicated machining like 3D curved face, complex shapes, and 3D hight shapes etc.